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Nuevo disco de W.A.S.P. fue lanzado en Octubre

Como les habíamos comentado en un post anterior el lanzamiento de la nueva placa de W.A.S.P. fue lanzada oficialmente los primeros días de Octubre pasado a través de Napalm Records. Aquí les traemos dos temas, el que abre el disco “Scream” y el que lo cierra y da nombre a la producción, llamada “Golgotha”.

Letra de Golgotha

Do you hear the wailing now
Do you hear’em nailing down
To a crown of thorns on

Sorrows born
Heaven’s come down for
Sweat like blood comes down
Eclipse a shadow now
The sun is gone and sorrows come
Where it slithers from

Jesus I need you now
Free me I’m lost somehow
Oh, remember me today
I’m a leper left to hang
Oh, yes I need you now

Jesus I need you now
Show me I’m lost somehow
Oh, and show me there’s a way from
The cross from where I hang
Oh see me bleed, I need you now

Tell me where I’m going now
Ooh am I lost or found
Are you who they say
Are you who they claim
Oh, remember me
Say a little prayer somehow, ooh
Show me where I’m bound ooh
God I’m falled
The bells are tolling
Just remember me, my name, my name

I’m slowly slipping into
These wings that carry on
My knees are bloody from my crawl
Show me there’s a reason
Keep believing you’re the one
My knees are buried at your cross

Tell me where I’m going now
Tell me am I going down
Are you who they say you claim
Remember me this night

Breath and hear me now
Ooh bring me alive
Show me all Golgotha’s mine
Shadows forever night
Oh is there no hope for me?
Oh, somewhere you’ll show for me?
Oh, I’m holding on believing thee’s a reason I can find
Oh oh Lord remember me, take me up tonight


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